Multi-Accessory Organizing System

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The Multi-Accessory Organizing System (MAOS) is the perfect tool to organize your IT accessories such as cables or earphones, and it easily transforms to a stand for your laptop, tablet or smartphone. It provides maximum comfort with an ergonomic typing and viewing angle.

The Magnetic straps keep your cables tamed, tangle-free and organized. They can also be used to clip your pods onto your shirt to keep them from falling out while walking or jogging. The Magnetic Suction Nub (MSN) is designed combining magnets and suction-cup technology. Easily attach the MSN on any smooth surface of a desk or wall and attach the magnetic straps to organize all your cables.

When you need a stand for your tablets or smart phones, simply stick the MSN on the back of the phone for a comfortable viewing angle and the tablet for a typing angle. Attaching the MSN under the laptop can raise the screen for improved airflow and gives it a comfortable, ergonomic typing angle.

MAOS (Multi-Accessory Organizing System) is made of high-quality silicon with magnetic technology. By using the MAOS in different combinations, you can clear up your workspace, adjust your smartphone for easy viewing and tablet for typing angle, or position your laptop for efficient cooling and ergonomic typing.

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The angle provides both ergonomic comfort and improved airflow.

The MSN stand rests at a comfortable typing angle for your tablet.

The MSN stand rests at a comfortable viewing angle for your smartphone.

Positioning cables leaves your desk clean and neat.

Magnetic Suction Nub with strap for USB cable.

Cables are kept tamed, tangle- free, and organized.

Clipping pods onto a shirt keeps your earphones from falling out.




MAOS ( Multi-Accessory Organizing System )


Silicone / Magnet


130g / 0.28lb.


  • Magnetic Suction Nubs : laptop, tablet, smartphone

  • USB cable straps : lightning to USB cables

  • Earphones strap : Apple EarPods ( earphones )


  • Make sure applying on smooth and non-porous surfaces

  • Wipe the surface clean before applying the MSN

  • Simply rinse the suction cup with water and let it dry

  • Press suction cup against applying surface firmly 

  • MSN only provides horizontal viewing angle for smartphone and typing angle for tablet