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Welcome to COZI. For the use of all information we provide here, please notice the instructions below:

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all content in our website, including but not limited to words, documents, pictures, audio/video files, and programs, is owned and copyrighted by COZI or is used under the authorization of the intellectual property rights owners.

Unless otherwise prescribed by laws or stated specifically, all plagiarism, alternation, and publication of the information and materials of our website taking place by any means without the authorization of the intellectual property rights owners is strictly prohibited.

To respect the authorized use on intellectual property rights, our website will provide the references of the authorized content.

If anyone is to cite the authorized content hereof, please contact the intellectual property rights owners.

We welcome other websites hyperlinking, though they do not represent the consent of our Website to their content, products, services, or ideas. While hyperlinking to the Website, please open a new window, do not use < frame> or < iframe> HTML tags, and do not change the content of the hyperlinked pages.

For users downloading or copying the contents or services we apply here, it is limited to personal and non-commercial uses.

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